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Jaws PDF Creator is a reliable mean of creating high quality PDF files
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Jaws PDF Creator is an excellent software that converts any application like Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint files to a PDF file with just a mere click of a button and has provision for bookmarks, links and metadata. It is secure as it uses 128-bit encryption algorithm. Various options are available that includes PDF/X support and you can use this software with both Windows as well as Macintosh.

Jaws PDF Creator is a reliable software that comes at an affordable price that converts any document from any application to a good quality PDF file. User can easily share the file across almost any hardware and software making business easier. Its key features include: Printing a PDF file from any application and install itself as a toolbar icon in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, making it easier for the user to create intelligent PDF files.

It comes with three pre-defined functions: Creating high-resolution PDF files for production printing, desktop application, and posting on the web. It allows user to define custom configuration and save them, and also to assign password on sensitive business documents and assign file permissions. Arts Global Graphic facilitates various plug-ins that can be attached to the software that can create PDF/X output.

Jaws PDF Creator version 5.0 has new features that include Windows Vista x86 and Citrix 4.0 and 5.0compatibility, creation of PDF1.5 compliant files and support to Microsoft Office 2007.

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